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Mission and values

Statement of Purpose
Our purpose at Red Hill Special School is to achieve the best educational outcomes for every student.
Values and Beliefs
We are committed to:
·     Promoting the best interest of our students
·     Providing a quality service
·     Accepting personal and team accountability
We value:
·     Each student and respect individual rights and differences
·     All members of the school staff and the expertise and experience they bring to the collaborative team
·     The Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) process
·     The rights of students to participate, to make decisions and to exercise control over their environment
·     Personal respect and dignity
·     Social justice and equity
·     The involvement of parents, caregivers and members of the wider community in the educative process
We believe:
·     That all students can learn and have the right to appropriate educational services in a range of settings
·     In an inclusive curriculum that recognises and values diversity
·     In productive partnerships with others to maximise learning and teaching outcomes
Our School Vision
Learn for Life
Red Hill Special School is a community setting where lifelong learning is developed through an inclusive curriculum that starts with the question:
"What do I need to know and do for my future opportunities to be realised?"
…and ends with the answer:
"I am ready for my future."
Our School Priorities
At Red Hill Special School we are currently focussing on:
  • Promoting a Pedagogical Framework focused on the Multi-Sensory learner
  • Collecting student performance data to support the continuous improvement of student achievement and monitoring student progress
  • Providing Professional Development regarding pedagogy and curriculum focussing on mentoring and coaching approaches